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Capoeira: An African Martial Art From An...

Capoeira: An African Martial Art From Angola to Brazil

Negros (Africans) fighting using Capoeira steps. Painting by Augustus Earle depicting the illegal capoeira game/dance/martial art in Rio de Janeiro Português do Brasil: Negros lutando. Pintura por Augustus Earle mostrando negros lutando com passos de Capoeira. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Out of African and into Brazil; Capoeira is an expression of Culture and Black Pride Capoeira: […]

Africa pushes Indigenous languages for d

Africa pushes Indigenous languages for developement

Pretoria, South Africa – Emphasising the need to take knowledge back to people, the Conference on African Renaissance, Integration, Unity and Development ended in Pretoria on Friday with a call to empower the people and promote an increased use of African languages in all spheres of national, regional and continental development. Map showing the six […]