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Education: Europe-Centered (Eurocentrism...

Education: Europe-Centered (Eurocentrism) vs. African-centered

“No systematic effort toward change has been possible, for, taught the same economics, history, philosophy, literature, and religion which have established the present code of morals, the Negro’s mind has been brought under the control of his oppressor. The problem of holding the Negro down, therefore, is easily solved. When you control a man’s thinking […]

Capoeira: An African Martial Art From An...

Capoeira: An African Martial Art From Angola to Brazil

Negros (Africans) fighting using Capoeira steps. Painting by Augustus Earle depicting the illegal capoeira game/dance/martial art in Rio de Janeiro Português do Brasil: Negros lutando. Pintura por Augustus Earle mostrando negros lutando com passos de Capoeira. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Out of African and into Brazil; Capoeira is an expression of Culture and Black Pride Capoeira: […]