Boss vs Leader

Boss vs Leader


Do you know the difference between the two?  In popular media, we see a lot of people saying that they are a ‘Boss’, that they are ‘Bossed up”.  Not enough are BEING a leader however, seldom do people realize the different traits between a Boss and a Leader.  So, lets deliberate on these traits….

A Boss will tell his team what to do, without the same expectations for themselves

A Leader will show his team, by example and demonstration how to do it.

A Boss knows how a job should be done

A leader shows how to forge a career/business

A boss says ‘I’

A leader says ‘we’

A Boss is Singular

A Leader is plural 

A Boss creates fear in a staff.

A Leader builds confidence.

A Boss drives his/her team

A Leader Coaches his/her team

The Boss depends on authority.

The Leader, goodwill.

The Boss says “Be there on time.”

The Leader gets there ahead of time.

The Boss fixes the blame for the breakdown on you.

The Leader fixes the breakdown.

The Boss knows how it is done.

The Leader shows how.

The Boss says “go,”

The Leader says “Let’s go.”

The Boss uses people.

The Leader develops them.

The Boss sees today.

The Leader looks at tomorrow.

The Boss commands.

The Leader asks.

The Boss never has enough time.

The Leader makes time.

The Boss is concerned with things.

The Leader is concerned with people.

The Boss lets his people know where he stands.

The Leader lets his people know where to stand.

The Boss works hard to produce.

The Leader works hard to help his people produce.

The Boss takes the credit.

The Leader gives it.



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