So, now a bunch of VA official’s want to ‘study’ Black/African American Wombman culture of social support, as a key to addressing the spike in suicide rates occurring in the armed forces. Since the ‘subjects’ of the problem have been rightly identified, perhaps it’s not the culture of Black women that should be studied, but ‘their’ culture that needs closer cross examination.
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“While the government does not break down military suicides according to race, among the general population African-American women have the lowest suicide rate of any group. Surprisingly, white men die most often by their own hand. “The suicide rate among white men was 25.96 per 100,000 from 2005 to 2009, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” related Government Executive magazine in its piece on studying black women to reduce soldier suicides. “By comparison, the rate for black women was less than three suicides per 100,000.”

Veterans Affairs mental health director for suicide prevention, Jan Kemp, told the publication that the specific social qualities black women exhibit will be examined by her group to determine how they might be applied for military personnel. Desirable features of how African-American women relate include open and honest communication, strong social support, and positive encouragement.

“The sense of community among themselves, and the … built-in support that they get from each other is something we’re paying a lot of attention to, and trying to find ways to emulate,” Kemp told Government Executive. “I think often that veterans and men don’t have that same sort of personal support, and we have to build that for them.”

I feel weary when any kind of study conducted by any apparatus or branch of the US Government focus it’s ‘studies’ on Black people because history tells us that from early European exploration to the present, with all the anti-black stereotypes that the White power structure has propagated for the last 400yrs, has left way too damn much to be desired in their capacity to understand the cultural values and spirituality of Black and African folks. Thanks for the compliment, but no thanks. Perhaps ‘we’ don’t need to be studied, rather or more so there is so much more for ‘them’ to learn. Seeing only with your eyes, means you are easy to fool.  As I write this, I think of the movie Avatar, and after watching it a few times to make sure I wasn’t seeing what I wanted to see, but it seems the ‘great white hero’ of the noble savages is a Hollywood formula that has reached new ethnocentric heights. So ‘Blue’ is the new ‘Black?!!. The community and social life of the Navi people seem to strongly resemble Pre-colonial African organized societies of communalism, and even Neytiri’s mother Mo’at who engenders the role of the spiritual leader and interpreter of the Mother Goddes Eywa is consistant with the worship of the Earth Goddess and ancestor worship/veneration common in West African Voudun and other African Traditional and Diasporic spirituality and religions, and not to mention that the plot of this movie from start to finish is more of a Hollywood ‘romanticism’ of European Colonialism which brought havoc, war, and destruction to the shores of three different continents. And in line with the typical Hollywhite formula, these invaders see themselves as a civilized people bringing a ‘better living/life’ and the knowledge of ‘god’ to the blue savages and heathens.

Here is the entire plot of Avatar laid out in a 15 minute trailer

My conclusion; Only a fool makes the same mistake twice and expect different results. As the spiritual leader Mo’at said to Jake Sully “We have tried to teach the sky people…it is very hard to fill a cup that is already full”.  There has never been any kind of study or experiment done on behalf of the Government on any people of color that wasn’t 95% selfish.  I’m not buying it this time me a cynic, but don’t call me gullible. My red flag is already raised.

And now I’m off my soap box for the evening.

  • Black women’s culture of social support to be studied for prevention of military suicides (

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