Dread Loc Style

Dreadloc Styles

Notice the tattoo there on my neck.  It’s the Adinkra symbol Duafe.  Surprisingly, this tattoo was not nearly as painful as the one on my foot.  This was a style me and Tumika (LaSha) decided to be creative with.  In the front of my Hair is Nubian knots, but I explained that I wanted some of my loc free to fall in the back of the Goddess bun made up of the nubian knots in the front.  With the free standing locks…I simply twisted them (all in the same direction of the natural twist of my hair) and created a spiky look from the back view.

Nubian Knots front View

This style is courtesy Tumika Lasha at Creme De La Cream Hair Gallery located at

10014-F Two Notch rd.
Columbia, SC 29223
803- 419- 3666

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