I gotta give props when props is due and Talib Kweli is one of those few gems in the Hip Hop world that represents the Evolution of Hip Hop/Rap, because it’s been long over due for hip hop to grow up. Talib brings back the social revelency to hip hop that is all but sidelined in the industry today. This is what hip hop should be.

Music from Talib Kweli’s upcoming album, Prisoner of Conscious, out in 2012 on Blacksmith / EMI. “Distractions” is produced by Oh No. The music video is directed by Darryl Phillips, of ICU Media. Download the MP3 of the song for free at http://www.facebook.com/talibkweli.

“Steal the land from the Native American and call the missiles Tomahawks
Make him a mascot, dress up like him for sport
As a final insult to this beautiful culture
Scavengers, feasting on the dead like a vulture.”

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