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Saturday December 17th, 2-4PM EST

Cost: $20

Location: Abibitumi Kasa Member Classroom http://www.abibitumikasa.com/forums/chat.php

Lecture by: Dr. Runoko Rashidi

Organized by: Obadele Kwame Kambon

A Tribute to Great African Women: An Online Slide Presentation Lecture by historian Runoko Rashidi is a stunningly visual overview of African women both ancient and modern, far and wide, here and there.

It looks at African women as the mothers of humanity, and examines the role of African women as shapers of classical civilizations in Africa and around the world. It looks at the African woman as God and Goddess, Black Madonna and Holy icon. It looks at the African woman as mother and wife, queen and educator, warrior and diplomat. It traces the movements of African women in Egypt of the pharaohs, western and central Africa, early Europe, the Middle East, Pakistan and India, the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, ancient and modern America. It looks at images of African women around the world and highlights the lives of numerous African-American women from Sojourner Truth to Fannie Lou Hamer.

A Tribute to Great African Women is designed to both inspire and educate. This absolutely captivating presentation incorporates sixty of Dr. Rashidi’s most magnificent photos and leaves the audience proud, uplifted, motivated and empowered.

Register Now for this unique and exciting highly visual online slideshow lecture!!!

As a supplement to the lecture and/or those for that cannot attend the lecture or simply want to show support, the presentation is also in DVD format for only $25.00 (includes mailing charges).

Each workshop will feature sixty of Runoko Rashidi’s finest photographs.

Recommended readings are Runoko Rashidi’s Global African Presence Web Site.

The length of the lecture is approximately two hours

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Please contact Runoko Rashidi @ [email protected] with any questions or concerns prior to class

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