(Picture courtesy of Rolling Stone)

Last night Talib Kweli and comic Jamie Kilstein spoke at New York’s Occupy Wall Street on Day 20 of its ongoing occupation of Zuccotti Park in protest of US economic laws, policies, and the enormous disparities between banks, corporations, the richest 1% and the 99% disenfranchised majority.

Talib toured the park and the autonomous community that has been created which includes a hospitality station to provide clean clothing to those camping out, a food station that serves food and snacks from collected donations, an info table, people’s library, and fully functioning technology hub station. Participants have even developed a Grey water system (pictured below) to filter nitrogen via a plant system from the used dish water.

After seeing the park and talking to people, Talib spoke about Occupy Wall Street to Rolling Stone saying, “It’s self-sufficient and is connecting people to people. It’s beautiful.”

He said to the large crowd of participants and gatherers, “If you were the coolest, most interesting person where you live at, at some point in your life, you have to come to New York City. You have to walk down Broadway. Me being from New York, I’m proud to say, that now I can say: at some point, if you are the most interesting person in your city, at some point you have to occupy Wall Street.”

Res was also on hand and had this to say to MTV about #OWS, “People are out here from all walks of life, all colors, all classes, people that have jobs, don’t have jobs. People just want to get the word out and say, ‘Look, we’re sick of this, we need a change, and what you guys are doing in the White House is not hitting it.’

videos of Talib at the OWS can be vew at YOTB.com (Year of the blacksmith).

Below are pictures that Talib took while at the park:

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