A few weeks ago USA Today published an article about ‘more black women embracing beauty of natural hair’.  Now, weather this is a movement, or simply a “pop” trend matters not to me, what matters is that this means that more and more black women are challenging the euro-centric standards of beauty held by previous generations, and choosing not to be a slave to their hair or to the billion dollar  ‘Black’ hair care business that is largely owned by non-Black/Afrikan people.  It takes a good bit of courage and confidence in ones self image to even make the transition from relaxed/permed hair to natural, some don’t even make it past the ‘growing out stage” before becoming impatient and backsliding to relaxers or other straightening chemicals.  Now I know there are many reasons that black women choose to relax their hair, a subject that deserves it’s own post along with the history of Afro hair.  However, there is now greater social recognition and acceptance of the many different styles of natural black hair.

What lies in the future for black hair? It is up to us. And only time will tell.

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