Actor and comedian Dave Chapelle opens up on why he left the ‘Chapelle Show” and went on a hiatus in Africa.  Put on your boots, because this gets deeeeep! I’m an avid Illuminati, NWO (new world order), secret society theorist so this is of particular interest to me.  It has been my belief for a long time that success in ‘mainstream America’ is based largely on conformity and less on skill and talent….and for black people in particular, this means the appropriation of black culture for an Anglo-American audience. This is disguised in words like ‘crossover appeal’.  Sure, I overstand that success has it’s price, however, how much of a price do we pay?  Dave Chapelle said ‘no’ to the Elite, so they labeled him as a ‘crazy’ man.  Check out what Dave has to say!

Wake up Neo, the matrix has you……

Part 1

Part 2

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