Keeping up with the Blacksmiths.  It’s been awhile since our comrades, the Blacksmiths, have made some new joints to insert in our consciousness.  I know they won’t disappoint. Always bring that proper *ish.  Yearoftheblacksmith, brought to you in part by Talib Kweli, is a new social network for those of us who crave the Afroetic in Hip Hop.  YOTB keeps you up to date on the ‘hood news’ and activism of the Blacksmiths.  Jean Grae and John Forte are back on the scene after a long hiatus, and I look forward to upcomming albums and/or collaborations.  It’s going to be refreshing after a long drought.  If skills actually sold music, then Talib Kweli and Mos Def would no doubt be the most commercially successful MC’s hands iffing down. 

About Blacksmith music

In 2006, industry veterans, Corey Smyth and Talib Kweli, set out to change the state of music. Corey, an experienced artist manager, and Talib, a world-renowned rapper, perceived there was a problem. The problem: there was a lack of industry support for quality, original, and groundbreaking music. Their solution: form their own record label, Blacksmith Music Corp.
Corey and Talib did not waste any time in bringing their idea to life. Based on their vision and reputations for quality music, Corey and Talib were able to secure a joint venture label deal with Warner Bros. Records (2006-2010) in order to distribute, market, and promote Blacksmith Music. At the start of 2011 Blacksmith Music has found a new home at EMI to continue to release music under the Blacksmith Music moniker.
In 2011 the Blacksmith brand has also re-launched its own social network Year of the Blacksmith. The main aspiration for this site is to fuse fans, bloggers and taste makers that are inspired by Blacksmith artist and their lifestyle. On the site, registered users are able to connect and communicate with other like minded fans and discuses topics they are passionate about.
Since 2006 Blacksmith has released critically acclaimed albums by artists, Talib Kweli “Ear Drum”, Jean Grae “Jeanius” and Refection Eternal “Revolutions Per Min.” further branding Blacksmith Music as an innovative label and quality music provider. With highly anticipated releases from Strong Arm Steady “Arms and Hammer” and Jean Grae “Cake or Death” planned for 2011, Blacksmith Music will continue to deliver great music to the masses.

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